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December 14, 2018


The Town of Tyros

Tyros Arkadias is a traditional seaside village that is located 190 km or a 2.5-hour journey from Athens.  It is has one of the most fantastic beaches of Eastern Peloponnese.  This is the only remaining village out of the existing villages to still use the Tsakonian language, an ancient Doric dialect!  One of the oldest in fact, the Tsakonians played a key role in Byzantium working as elite guards to secure the forts.

The village of Tyros in Arcadia

Tyros has been inhabited since the pre-historic times.  The village of Tyros has a population of about 2,000 permanent residents, however the available public facilities operate only during the summer months.  This town has a fantastic, long, pebbled  beach  front.  There, you can find summer houses, tavernas and cafeterias whose tables and chairs stretch right up to the sea.  Accommodation in this town is available in small room rentals and hotels.  If you are planning a trip with your loved one, this is the perfect destination as there is less activity around this town.  You are guaranteed of a very quiet and peaceful holiday.  If you are planning to travel there with your children, please be aware that the seawater is very deep.

The town also has less known beaches like Lygeria on the north and  Tigani on the south.

What to do in Tyros

  • Explore and shops of Tyros.

Tyros is considered a traditional fishing village and agriculture is also the main occupation.  You can enjoy a shopping spree for local frsh produce,  Tsakonian cheese, honey and olive oil as well as hand-woven items.

  • Swim at one of the three beaches of Tyros

Tigani Beach

Tyros is situated at a  seafront that stretches over two kilometres, alongthe  crystal clear Aegean waters.  On these beaches, you find taverns and cafeterias with tables spreading out  right by the sea to give you spectacular views as you enjoy your weekend getaway.

  • Experience the Akardian life on foot

When in Tyros, sign up for a guided walking tour that comes with short breaks for exploring any point of interest you come across. Get to enjoy the area’s beautiful flora and fauna.

  • Explore towns close to Tyros

The port of Sampatiki

There are a plenty great places near Tyros that you can visit.  Some of these include the beaches: Plaka, Sampatiki, Pragmatevtis and coastal towns such as Leonidio.

Where to eat in Tyros

  • Kryoneri Beach Bar

Krioneri Beach bar

This beach bar has been in operation since the summer of 2008 and has been the source of tasty drinks,  and provides a spectacular view of the Aegean.  Visit this well-stocked bar and order one of its famous cocktails offered.

  • Acardia  Restaurant

This Tyros restaurant is also known as the home of tasty Mediterranean seafood and promises to serve exceptional dishes and delicious traditional food choices.  When you get there, make sure you try the tsipouro or Ouzo.  You will love both.

  • Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant

You should not walk by this restaurant in the search for better options down the beach. You will be missing out on this gem. This restaurant serves traditional Greek cooking that is better than anywhere else. Dishes such as  ‘Calamari’ or  ‘Yemista’ are cooked to utmost perfection.



Tigani Beach Tyros Port
Zaritsi Bay
Ligeria Beach


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