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December 14, 2018


Spetses Greece


This Athenian haven is one of the plushest Saronic Island.  Spetses boasts of its legendary history, traditional architecture, a wonderful landscape, a perfect blue sky and the Mediterranean sea’s turquoise waters.  The island combines  modern cosmopolitan life style and natural beauty, making it the most attractive tourist destination in the Saronic Gulf.

The island has a number of key celebrity associations.  Spetses draws its iconic prestige from the Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy’s relationship. A major part of their romance was spent here before they settled on Onassis’s private isle.  The island has also been home to famous shipping tycoons such as Stavros Niarchos before owning the island of Spetsopoula.

Apart from the popularity it shares among locals and celebrities, Spetses is also known for its major contribution in the Greek War of Independence. The Island’s inhabitants played a significant and active role in this war by providing supplies and resources to the Greek navy.  The island commemorates this role every September, when they re-enact the decisive battle that was fought in the Argolic Gulf.

Things to do in Spetses

  • Attend popular island  events

A boat during the Armata Festival

One of the most renown events is the Armata, which is held annually every September.  The festival is a grandeur display of the island’s role in the Independence War.  Key features of this event include fireworks, music and fleets of the islands boats.  Afterwards, make your way to the old port, and find the chapel of Virgin Mary of the Armata.  The chapel is said to have prevented the island from an invasion from Ottoman in 1822.

  • Visit Spetses Museum

The Spetses Museum

The Spetese Museum was once used by leading local ship owner,  Hatzigiannis Mexis as his residence.  The mansion was built between 1795 and 1798 and displays unique architecture. The mansion was later converted into a museum, which houses a large collection of the island’s folklore and historical heritage.  Enjoy the wide range of collections that derpict life during the Greek revolution period, Byzantine, Roman and Classical period.

  • Visit Island’s ports

Spetses port

If you are planning to spend a day in Spetses, you do not want to miss the island’s old port traditional shipyards. It is at this site that crafsmen have preserved the  skills required  to repair and build wooden vessels.

  • Cycling around Spetses

Experience the island’s nature filled with lush green pine trees as you cycle around.  The combination of the island’s sea breeze and pine trees are best enjoyed with a bike ride.  Join the springtime “Tweed” run organized by the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.  Have fun cycling around dressed in tweed.

What to eat

  • Sunset cocktails

Enjoy the perfect cocktails as you relax at the square and admire the sunset.  Spetses has a number of splendid tavernas with strong cocktails and bar snacks.  You will find the establishments very classy and the staff very friendly.

  • Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio

Just before you start your main course, experience one of the best culinary experience with this Greek-style Beef carpaccio. This is one of the most popular servings among Spetses best restaurants such as “On the Verandah.”  Enjoy your beef Carpaccio as you treat yourself to a spectacular view of the seafront.

  • Sea Urchin Pasta

Of all the ocean creatures, the sea urchin has plenty supporters and is loved all over the world.  Its edible part is very briny and has a sweet taste. This part is mixed with pasta to create a luscious taste.  Enjoy it served hot in any restaurants across Spetses.

  • Greek meatballs with tzatziki

Greek meatballs with tzatziki

This meal is made with tender meatballs drizzled with the Greek yoghurt tzatziki sauce. You can have it with chickpea salad, rice or even as an appetizer.  This is one local Greek cuisine specialty you will never go wrong with.



Beaches Anchorages
Zogeria Baltiza or Old Harbor
Xilokeriza Dapia (Port of entry)
Zogeria Zoyeryia
Town Beach
Agioi Anargiri
Agia Marina
Agia Paraskev



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