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December 14, 2018



Sounion is situated about 40 miles from Athens and at the southernmost point of  East Attica. Due to its strategic location in commanding the seafaring lanes operating to and from Athens, it was the main fortress of Attica for the Athenians’ maritime interest.  Sounio became a station for strong garrison of Athenians triremes and hoplites, who were tasked with guarding all-critical food supplies arriving from Pontos and Euboea. Today, this place is an archaeological site of the inspiring Temple of Poseidon.

The Ancient Greeks surely knew how to choose a site for a temple.  The Temple of Poseidon is Sounio’s major attraction.  The Temple was built around 440BC with huge soaring columns and a panoramic view where you can gaze down towards the sea. The Temple’s design is founded on Sacred Geometry and legend has it that the Temple stands under four stars deemed as the ‘portals of the universe.’  The Temple has a hypnotizing atmosphere, which is why visionaries such as Lord Bryon carved his name on the doorpost of the Temple. You will find so much inspiration there.

Top things to do in Sounio

  • Visit the Temple of Poseidon

This is Sounio’s primary attraction that dates back to 440 BC.  Although it is just remaing ruins, this masterpiece is an important landmark that carries a lot of historical wealth.  For more information about the Temple of Poseidon, you should go on  guided tour.

  • Cape Sounio Public beach access

This luxurious beach resort is in Lavreotiki and the perfect place to settle for your weekend getaway with friends and family.  Apart from the cosy guest rooms and accommodation, this resort also offers bungalows and villas by the beach.  In terms of food, you will definitely love this haven of local Greek cuisine.

  • Visit the Athens Riviera

Athens Riviera and the Saronic gulf remain to be one of the most spectacular coastal viewpoints in Sounio.  Book one of the available tours to this place and enjoy 7-8 hours of local attractions, flavours by the sea and swim in the Greek crystal clear sea waters.

  • Discover Cape Sounio

As you head towards Sounio, take a drive along the Athenian Riviera.  This drive will take you to some of the best scenic views you have ever seen. Once you get to Sounio, head for the Temple of Poseidon and take great pictures of the Aegean view as you gain insight for the Temple from an expert tour guide.

Local cuisines and where to eat in Sounio

You want to arrive at Sounio just before sunset as it is the best time to enjoy a great culinary experience.  The food here has its origin from the Cycladic cuisine and involves a wide range of magical ingredients ranging from cheese, meat, greens and vegetables.

  • Have a great tasting experience at ‘Marida.’

Marida is the most popular restaurant in Sounio and a favourite among the locals.  Savor a delicious dish of seafood prepared with a Mediterranean twist.  Make sure you order the octopus with the fried zucchini.  Once you enter the place, you never want to leave.

  • Dine with locals at Cape Sounio Restaurant

Cape Sounio Restaurant

One of Sounio’s most popular restaurant serving both Greek and international cuisine. The breakfast here is to die for.  It features extensive variety of hot and cold buffet that includes traditional and tasty options.  Make sure you try the Greek doughnuts, freshly-made crepes or the breakfast sushi.





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