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Tenerife – Lavrion

Sailing Yard „KOOKOO“

Beneteau Oceanis 50 Family

The Skipper „Stefan“

Is a German Guy with good skills and a strong family sailing background and plenty of experience.

Languages: German, English fluent, Basic Italian.

Experience: (Miles (sail) since 2015 ca. 20.000 NM, in total 54.000 NM
(Miles (power) in total ca. 20.000 NM)

Areas: Croatia, Italy, Spain (Med), South Spain and Portugal (Atlantic), Greece, Canaries, Madeira, Eastcoast USA, Carribbean

STCW (Standarts of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers)

General Description:

This Journey will be splitted in 4 Legs. Each duration will be 6-7 Days. Leg 1 (9 Days approxi) with stop for 1 night at Funchal.
Leg 4 only 1 Harbour or Marina Day, also you can extend your vacation at your pickup or dropoff


1st Leg Teneriffa South – Funchal – Malaga (Torre Bermeja) with appr. 1000 NM
2nd Leg Malaga Torre Bermeja – Mallorca with appr. 460 NM (max 1 Stop)
3rd Leg Mallorca – Cagliari 1 Stop – Palermo di Sopra with appr. 500 NM
4rd Leg Palermo di Sopra – Lavrion with appr. 770 NM (Street of Mesina and Round Pelepo.)

Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 are suitable for the right Sailors as Oceantrainings to take their „sights“ for the missing Astronavigation and to complete the passage.

Leg 1 will offer the same possibilities for every sailor about the sights and as well there is space for the right candidate to make his Oceanpassage. You have to make the passage plan as you know and will be leading the Yard as a responsible 1 Mate. The Skipper will overview your job and give you a hand if required or necessary in every way.

Sextant and Sight Reduction Tables are available on „KOOKOO“

There will be a „Watch-Shift-System“ and you can be part of every activity and duty on board as long as you wish. There are a lot of jobs while sailing to do. Stear the boat (helmsman), be crew for your helmsman, preparing food for yourself and for the crew together with your crewmembers. You will become a competent crewmember quickly.
Nightwatches are taking place as well and you will be impressed from the stars out on the sea at nighttime.

You will sail with an international crew and for sure this will become one of your best experiences ever.

Everyone is very welcome to join our crew for this amazing trip through the different cultures and Areas in the Mediterranean Sea. Doesn´t matters if you are experienced or
Unexperienced, if you have plenty of seamiles or you just started to sail
Don´t hesitate to contact us and ask if there are more questions from your side.

SAK 0076

Leg 1

Teneriffe 9.4 departure – 11.3 arrival Funchal – 17.3 arrival Malaga Torre Bermeja

Our first leg will be a very tough one, because there are a lot of miles to go (ca. 1000 nM) in 9-10 days.
What to say about this Leg. It will give you first of all the possibility to see Canaries, Madeira and Gibraltar.
After your captain finshed the final check you are heading of into the Atlantic Sea, passing in between Teneriffa and Gran Canaria.
Afterwards you will stay outside for a couple of days without seeing land which will be an amazing experience and a short stop at Funchal (Madeira).

We are waiting for you , so come and join our crew……

Leg 2

22.3 Malaga Mallorca arrival

A trip with a short crossing from the spanish Mainland to Palma de Mallorca, if possible we will stop at Ibiza for 1 night. In total arround 460 nM with the possibilities to make 1 stop. You will have time as well to explore the spanish coast and the spanish citys as you extend your arrival and departure days.

Your journey through the antique times is waiting for you……

Leg 3

Mallorca 22.3 departure – 28.3 Piana di Sopra Palermo Sicily arrival

The third leg is more relaxed there are only 500 nM to go. After our departure from Mallorca are we heading of to Cagliari the Capital of Sardegna. There we will time to explore the historical past of Cagliari.
You can visit the Cathedral from the 13th century or several museums.
After your day ashore we start to Palermo

A leg what´s worth to book…….

Leg 4

Palermo 29.3 departure – Lavrion 4.4 arrival

Long Trip with appro. 770 nM to go, but you will change areas and we are passing by a lot of famous and historical places, The Liparic Islands, north of Sicily with Vulcans,
The Street of Messina, after passing through we are heading of from Italy to get round the Pelepones (southerly). Afterwards we are passing by Hydra (Island of Masters)….

We are waiting for you to join us…..

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