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December 14, 2018



Poros is a small islands in the south of the Saronic Gulf, 58 Km from the port of Piraeus.  You can travel there by ferry or hydrofoil  ‘flying dolphin.’  This island is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.  Poros actually consists of two islands namely Calavria meaning “gentle breeze”, with lots  of pine trees and Sphairia (of  volcanic origin).  Even though a small island, Poros amazes visitors with its beaches, sights and rich history.

The first thing you notice on arrival, is the island’s landmark, the spectacular Clock Tower, built in 1927, and it is worth a visit once there. Take time to go for a walk around the port and have a meal at one of the seafront restaurants and ever-crowded tavernas.  Do not forget to take pictures of the imposing neoclassical buildings and make postcards, a nice souvenir of your Saronic Gulf cruise experience.

Top things to do in Poros

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Poros

Displays in the Archeological Museum of Poros

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Poros, which houses artefacts collected from the Temple of Poseidon and other findings from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite Akraia in Troezena. The Museum is built on a plot that was donated by the Koryzis’, a wealthy family that once lived on the island.

  • Explore The town of Poros

Poros town is the capital and main port of the island.  This waterfront town features  a promenade, a long coastline streching for 2 km.  It offers  fabulous scenery of the coastal mountains and the strait of Peloponnese.  Take time to enjoy the sight of private yachts and  the neoclassical villas that are only a road away.

  • Visit the Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

(Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi)

East of Askeli Beach, you come upon the monastery founded in 1720 after Athens’ Metropolitan Iakovos II visit.  The monastery overlooks the sea and  the church walls are decorated with vibrant art of the 18th and 17th centuries.

  • Have fun at Love Bay

(Love Bay Poros)

Love Bay is about three kilometres west from Poros town.  This beach is characterised by a very soft gradient with pure shallow waters.  To your surprise, there is a volleyball net in the water to enjoy a game.  This bay is filled with  party atmosphere, and you can also hire sun loungers and enjoy the bay’s surroundings.

What to eat

Poros has a wide variety of restaurants you can choose from so as to appreciate this island far more through its gastronomy.  Most of these are family owned and located either on popular beaches or across the town.  Walk along Askeli beach and have a drink at one of tavernas on the seafront.a If you want to enjoy local life visit the restaurants at night. They are full of vibrant night life.

  • Apagio

Apagio Taverna in Poros

If you want the best fish dish, this is the place.  This family-owned tavern serves the best fish, freshly caught on that very same day.  Additionally, being at the harbour, you get to experience the beautiful view of the Aegean while having your most appetizing meal.

  • Oasis Taverna

Oasis Taverna

Founded in 1965, this taverna serves dishes from their Greek traditional recipes prepared with local  fresh produce.  You can have the top-notch grilled and roasted meat, stews, snacks and appetizers.



Beaches Anchorages
Love Bay Poros Harbour
Askeli Beach Russian Bay
Megalo Neorio Neorion Bay
Mikro Neorio Vidhi Bay
Monastiri Galatas
Russian Bay Poros Bay
Kanali Aliki Beach
Panagista Monastery Bay
Vayionia Barbaria Cove
Kalavria beach Yerolimenas
NW Cove


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