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December 14, 2018



Polyaigos Emerald waters

Discover one of the most pristine islands, a haven for the animal kingdom and great geological formations that house a wide variety of mysterious, exotic beauties. Polyaigos, which is just next to the island of Kimolos, is Aegean’s sea largest uninhabited island and a popular sailing destination for sailing lovers. The island is surrounded by turquoise, sapphire and emerald waters.  The island being mainly uninhabited, expect the major attractions of interest to be nothing more than the incredible, natural landscapes.

Polyaigos lighthouse

The island comes with plenty of sea caves  along the coastline, which serve as a natural habitat to the Mediterranean Monk seal of Monachus Monachus.  As you proceed towards the rocky cliffs of the woods, you will come across  migratory bird species.  The name “Polyaigos” refers to many goats, you can spot  large herds of them on the cliffs.  The island is under the municipality of Kimolos, and a vast majority of it is owned by the Greek Orthodox church and is mostly rented out to shepherds from Kimolos and Milos.  Although  deserted, the island still has remains of a church dedicated to The Virgin Mary and an automated lighthouse.

What to do in Polyaigos

  • Visit the Island’s heavenly bays

Being one of the largest uninhabited islands in the Aegean region, Polyaigos has a number of beautiful seashores, coves and bays.  The most popular ones include Panagia, Faros, Avlaki, Mersini and Amoura

  • Visit the Quarries of Trachyte

Polyaigos is a well-renowned mining site of antiquities, which can be found on the Northwest side of the island.  You can also take a dive from the bridge’s remnants into the sea for a thrilling experience.

  • Take a cruise around the island

A cruise around the island

You can hire an inflatable boat and be on your way to immerse yourself in Polyaigos beauty. While at sea, ensure you explore the lighthouse of Polyaigos, the impressive rocks at Kalogiri and the pristine bays of Fykiada, Galazia Nera, Kato Mersini and Mersini.

  • Explore the island’s cave

An island  cave

The island of Polyaigos comes with a number of caves such as the cave of Askitis (named after an Ascetic who lived there) and the Cave of Fanara!





paralio kato mirsini Myrsini bay
Paralia poliegos


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