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December 14, 2018


Island of Paros


Situated at the heart of the Cyclades, this majestic Cycladic island is one of the most popular  islands. It will fascinate you with all its fabulous surroundings, a homely atmosphere, culture, crystal clear waters, numerous historical interests, olive groves, endless vineyards and magnificent rock formations.

The island offers the perfect sailing holiday for those looking for a more private experience.  Though a less popular destination compared to Mykonos, this island comes packed with all the features, of a Cycladic Island. The island is filled with charming villages characterised by their unique traditional Cycladic style.  The narrow streets aregreat for long walks,  along the bright white houses decorated with pretty balconies and arches.

Paros is also home to the world’s finest marble qualities with its significant white marble production.  A visit to this island is not complete until you visit the Ekatodapilini Church.  This historical  church is the island’s long-standing famous heritage and has a very interesting legend associated with its construction.

Top activities and sightseeing destinations in Paros

  • The port and Old town of Naoussa

While in Paros, visit the Old town of Naoussa. The town is characterized by its white-washed cobblestone alleys that lead you down to its majestic port. The town is Paros’ trademark of local architecture and identity.  The streets, which are always peaceful in the morning always come to life at night.  Feel free to sit at one of the restaurants or bars and watch the people go by as you enjoy the island vibe.

  • Water sports

Paros holds a long tradition as the ideal island for water sports.  For example, Paros has been the host of the Windsurfing World Championship for a long time and still attracts other competitions, too. Engage in water sports such as scuba diving, jetskiing, waterskiing, kiteboarding and surfing among others.

  • Breakfast or Cocktails at Sousouro

‘Sousouro’ is a café-bar in Naoussa that serves its reputable cocktails and tasty breakfasts.  The cafe, located at the corner of two alleys uses power foods and fresh fruits to create tasty organic meals and feel-good shakes and smoothies.

  • The boat ride from Naoussa to Kolymbithres

Of all the beaches in Paros, Kolymbithres is  the most famous due to the unique geology formed by the granite rock formations. Although you can reach the beach by land transportation means, a boat ride is more  enjoyable and definitely worth seeing  all spectacular views.

Culinary guide

Enjoy sensational traditional cuisine with a modern spin across the numerous taverns in Paros

  • Fried Cheese (Saganaki)

This pan-fried cheese plate dressed with honey on top is a very popular appetizer for cheese lovers.  Available in almost every restaurant, feel free to pop in one of the many in Paros and treat yourself to this wonderful gastronomical experience.

  • Octopus

Don’t leave Paros until you have tasted a grilled octopus.  This meal is worth the reputation and hype it receives.  This perfectly prepared octopus is chewy and tender to the right degree and is a must-eat, when in Paros.

  • Baked chickpeas (Revithia sto fourno)

Trying to keep to a healthy diet on your sailing trip to Paros, then have ‘Revithia Sto Fourno’.  The pea beans are baked in ceramic pots with onions and rosemary then spread on toasted bread. You will find this very tasteful!

  • Roasted mackerel (Gouna)

A popular choice among seafood lovers, the mackerel is filled with herbs and grilled to give you one of the best tastes of your life.  Look for a small fish tavern in the streets of Paros and feel like going to fish food paradise.


Anchorages in Paros Beaches in Paros
Naoussa Aliki
Anti Paros Livadia
Agyrovolio Sotires Logaras
Ormos Plastira Monastiri
Voutakos Anchorage Chrissi Akti
Kolybithres Beach Kolympithres
Piso Livadi Farangas
Krotiri Anchorage Agios Niolaos Alikis
Santa Maria


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