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December 14, 2018


Nafplio Grece

(Nafplio Town)

Dubbed as Greece’s  prettiest and most romantic town, Napflio is a small town on the Saronic Gulf.  The town served as the capital of Greece in the years 1823-1834 and boasts breath-taking Ottoman buildings along with Venetian architecture.  The town is on a coastal location, just above it rises the Palmidi fortress offering one of the most romantic views.  In the town is you can visit its grand museums, stroll allong the narrow streets. Accomodation is available in plenty of luxury guesthouses, hotels and posh boutiques.  A variety of taverns  offer their best Greek specialty.  Being a popular destination for Athenians, expect it to fill up on weekends and can be overcrowded during the high season.

(Nafplio’s Narrow Streets)

The town is only a two-hour drive from Athens using the National Road to Peloponnese. You will love your visit there, and you can relax in the  evenings,  in the central square as you sip a glass of wine or marvel the sun set behind the mountains, painting the whole scenery with orange hues. It is such a spectacular view.

Top activities to do in Napflio

  • Swim in the magnificent beaches

Nafplio beaches

Napflio has some of the best beaches you will find across Greece.  Enjoy the feeing of the sandy beach on your bare feet before diving into the blue waters of the Aegean sea for a refreshing break after your trip. When at the Palamidi Castle, take a walk south to the Karathona Beach, which offers a mesmerizing sight, dotted with traditional taverns and cafes along the clearest waters you will ever come across.

  • Enjoy the town’s history

Archeological Museum of Nafplio

The town has some noteworthy museums that offer great insight into its history and culture.  One such example is the Archaeological Museum of Napflio, which displays key artefacts dating back to the Mycenaean and Prehistoric Era.  You can also visit the War Museum located where it used to be Greece’s first military school or visit the Kombolio Museum, which has an extensive display of worry beads made in the town.

  • Climb up to the Palamidi Castle

Palamidi Castle

Palamidi Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Greece.  It was built by the Venetians in 1686 and stands at a height of 216 meters above sea level.  From its 999 steps climb you can admire  a stunning panoramic view from the baroque-style archways.  The castle is still in an excellent condition and one of the greatest achievements of Venetian architecture.

  • A boat ride to Bourtzi Fortress

The Bourtzi Fortress

Located on the islet of Agioi Theodoroi, there is another Venetian Fortress known as Bourtzi.  The fortress once served as the place of residence for the Palamidi prison executioners and as a hotel from 1930 to 1970.  Today, the fortress acts as a tourist attraction and a host to Nafplio music festivals. Trips to and from the islet are made by boat.

What to eat

Nafplio is the home to appetizing and delicious food all year round with taverns and restaurants that provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Mediterranean  dishes or a classic Greek gastronomical experience.

  • ‘Skioufichta’ macaroni

This Greek classic is a mashed Papoutsakia (Roasted eggplant topped with béchamel and minced meat) and Kokkinisto ( Saute beef served with tomato sauce).   The beef alone is so delicious that you will want to have your meal with less cheese and cream sauce.

  • ‘Politiki’

This is a popular Greek salad made with pickled carrot and cabbage.  It is often served with a pinch of dried mustard, capers and vinegar to give you an excellent taste.

  • Grilled octopus

Greek-style grilled octopus

A visit to the Saronic Gulf is not complete without a seafood feast.  To start you off pop in one of the restaurants and delight your taste buds with a grilled octopus.  The meal is a superb combination of a tender octopus served with a small salad on the side.  Rice or vegetables accompany the dish and do not be afraid to top it with a fresshly squeezed lemon for that extra taste.

  • Cocktails

Enjoy your evening with one of the popular cocktails of Nafplio.  Visit the 3Sixty hotel and restaurant located in the old town for a wide selection of Greek-inspired cocktails.  Enjoy cocktails made with local Greek alcoholic drinks such as the tsipouro based ‘mavros gatos’ cocktail.





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