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December 14, 2018



Also known as the party island of the Cyclades, Mykonos is one of the most popular cosmopolitan islands in Greece. This whitewashed paradise is situated strategically at the heart of the Cyclades and is believed to have originated from the bodies of the giants  Hercules had killed.  Observe how the island life shifts from bronzed bodies at the beach to the vibrant nightclubs that bring the city to life. However, there is more to this island than the significant number of unquenchable  travelers and golden sandy beaches.

Tour the island to discover a fascinating world where simplicity and glamour coexist peacefully.  Additionally, you  experience a spectacular dining scene far better than anywhere else in Greece, the pleasure of travelling in less crowded areas and the quiet charm that comes hidden in this Cycladic maze of Hora.

Fun things to do in Mykonos

  • Explore Mykonos Town

A shop in a street in Mykonos

A walk in Mykonos town is like a walk in fantasyland with its narrow, cobbled streets, the whitewashed houses combined with bright colored doorways,  blue-domed churches, and upscale shops.  The town is relatively small, and you will find yourself covering one end to the other in quite a short time.  The streets share a similar look, a tactic that was applied to confuse pirates hoping to raid the town, so if you find yourself confused and in a dead-end, appreciate the tactic used to keep the town safe from invaders.

  • Visit the Kato Mili Windmills

Kato windmills

The majestic Kato windmills are a bit farther from Mykonos Chora. The mills were previously used for grinding grain but have been converted into accommodation, storage facilities and homes for travellers. While at the mills, treat yourself to a spectacular view of Little Venice. You can also watch the sunset from there or the freak storms that pound the island.

  • Little Venice

‘Little Venice’ is a name given to a row of fishing houses whose balconies extend  over the sea.  The houses date back to the 18th century when they were used by merchants to access the sea much easier.  Over time, the houses have been converted into nice restaurants and cafes.  Visit one of them and have coffee as you watch the sunset and don’t forget to take perfect photos to share memories back home.

  • Beaches (Paradise and Super Paradise)

Super Paradise: Mykono’s beach bar

The Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are fan-favourite and famous among locals and travellers. These beaches are lined up with a variety of clubs and restaurants, which come to life from the afternoon until early morning hours.  Plan to spend time at these beaches as soon as you arrive in Mykonos.

What to eat

The local Mykonos cuisine is heavily reliant on seafood filled with amazing Greek flavours.  A key ingredient in most meals, is  olive oil.  This is done to ensure the freshness of the local produce and enhance the flavour.  You can also opt for  more causal inexpensive food options sold by street vendors.  Nonetheless, here are some key delicacies you should try.

  • Souvlaki

Greek Souvlaki

Souvlaki is very popular in Greece and can be found in almost any mainland or island spot.  As you may find the cost of accomodation in Mykonos rather pricey, you can cut down on your expenses by opting for this Greek classic over other expensive meals.  Souvlaki is with either pork chops or gyro meat, pita bread and a topping of  tzatziki, fries, tomatoes or lettuce.

  • Sweet dessert and toppings

A greek meal is never complete without a serving of delicious sweets.  On top of your list should be the key Greek dessert options such as melomakarona (cookies dipped in syrup or honey),  honey rolls (fried turnovers) or the bougatsa (Cream wrapped phyllo).

  • Seafood

Mykonos octopus meal

You will never go wrong with having seafood in the Mediterranean.  The island of Mykonos comes with an abundance of seafood dishes ranging from lobsters, fish, squid and octopus, among others.  And the good thing is, they are fresh from the sea. Try a local favourite called ‘calamari’, which will be even better when enjoyed at  full view of the sunset.





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