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December 14, 2018



Lavrio is a very convenient but less popular port that provides fewer schedules and connections, a hidden gem in plain sight. The port town of Lavrio is located at the tip of the Attica peninsula and is situated between the famous Piraeus and Rafina ports.  Lavrio’s beauty exceeds that of the other two ports and feels like an island on its own. If you have a free day, spend it at the port, this should be your ideal choice.  The town has a Mineralogical Museum, which displays the local mining heritage and an Archaeological Museum.  Prepare to marvel at the giant ‘Mystery Hole,’ a geological feature whose origin is still being debated upon.

Even though it attracts fewer visitors, Lavrio dates back to ancient history.  The town once served as a profitable silver antiquity mine that was coupled with an ever busy and protected bay.  This lasted up to 1957 after the closure of the railway line and its relocation closer to Athens.  Dozens of ancient mining operations were left behind to stir the interest of geologists, mining enthusiasts and rock diggers.

What to do in Lavrion

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Lavrio

The Lavrio Archaeological Museum, houses key findings from the area that are mostly stone carvings dating back to 5000 BC.  The museum’s parking and entrance are on the south side of the building,  near a small church of  Agias Paraskevis.

  • A visit to the Mineralogical Museum

Mineralogical Museum of Lavrio

Though open during specific hours, if you are there when the museum is open, make sure to peek in for a visual treat of the fabulous metals and crystals that were mined from the area.  Additionally, indulge yourself in the area’s rich mining history.

  • Dine at ‘Pezodromos’


This popular seafood and fish tavern is in the old part of the city of Lavrio. You should try the stuffed squid or the octopus in vinegar sauce.  They also serve meat dishes, the best being the spit-roast lamb with salad dressing.



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