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December 14, 2018


Kythnos Greece

Kythnos is an untouched Cycladic island near Athens that comes with hidden beauty in the form of stunning landscapes, coupled with great scents and colours of the turquoise Aegean Sea. The island will welcome you with its rich history, which can be drawn back to the Mesolithic period; a fusion of myths and legends with history, giving proof that majesty can be found in simplicity. Despite the bare appearance observed at first glance, Kythnos comes packed with a variety of great sights, once you decide to venture in. Expect to see the iron bridges used to facilitate the old mines, the hydrotherapy facility, ruins of medieval castles and ancient temples, two central villages and scattered chapels.

The island is located 2-3 hours by ferry from Athens and a first stop for the night for Aegean sailors. The ferry from Lavrion takes about 1.5 hours while that from Piraeus port taking about 3 hours. You will find the ferry tickets very cheap, and the Aegean see very spectacular. The island comes with a magnificent sprawling coastline housing hundreds of coves and bays, which are very fun to swim in, forest glades, rocky headlands, gardens full of flowers and picturesque villages characterised by narrow streets of cobbled stone.

However, do not be in a rush to leave this Cycladic gem without having a taste of the aromas of thyme and Oregano, or seeing the lonely lighthouses that bring a sense of hope and safety on the island. You will fall in love with Kythnos, a living fairy tale experience with very hospitable and open-hearted residents.

Top things to do in Kythnos

  • Explore Kythnos

(Katafiki cave in Kythnos)

Kythnos is a small island which is not big on tourism but has some of the best sightseeing places in the Aegean. From the Byzantine museum to the Katafiki cave and the church of Panagia Kanala your tour around this town will be filled with immense spectacular sights and experiences.

  • Visit the Port of Loutra

(The Port of Loutra)

The Port of Loutra adds up as the most popular night stop for all Aegean sailors with over 70 spots across the coves where one can lay an anchor. However, these coves limit an individual ability to see the coast and most of your exploration from this point on shall be through a car or walking. While at the port, You will notice the numerous seaside bars and Tavernas that have chairs and tables arranged down to the sea, ever-present businesses and shops serving both foreigners and locals and a few guestrooms and hotels. You can expand the horizon beyond the port and heads towards the sandy beach of Martinakia. Here you will find a taverna that has one of the best fish servings around the island.

  • Hiking

When compared to other islands on the Cyclades, Kythnos remains of the less visited, making it a hiking friendly destination. Experience the island’s authenticity and enjoy its natural beauty, culture and history as you devour the steps ahead of you. Pass through paths that open up to thermal springs, country houses, castles, beautiful beaches, windmills, springs, country churches and picturesque Cycladic settlements.

  • Scuba diving

(The Aqua Team, Kythnos)

Kythnos rambling coastline and geology creates great diving spots, which are calm and protected from windy beaches and bays, perfect for anyone wanting to experience the underwater life. The scenery underwater is comprised of powerful streams, which altogether, create a masterpiece of unspoken beauty. While underwater, take a chance to admire the wide variety of rich coloured corals and fish. Ridges, shipwrecks and caves.

What to eat in Kythnos

A huge number of Kythnos local cuisine is based and supported by the island’s agricultural base, which has proven to be very strong and rich for grazing for such a small island. The result of this is delicious meat dishes across the island, which comprise of local goats, lamb or beef. The meat here is cooked with Mediterranean cuisine prowess, which can come with either tomato, lemon or grilled altogether. Apart from that, Kythnos is the home to mouth-watering cuisine, which you can try.

  • Seafood

As a Cycladic island, Kythnos has a wide offering of seafood selection with the stuffed squid being the most popular local speciality. Please note that the prices will be determined by the freshness, rarity and type of fish as encountered in the whole Cycladic region. A tip from the locals is that, the smaller the fish, the intense the flavour, and the cheaper the serving.

(Grilled Stuffed Quid)

  • Fried cheese Croquettes

(Fried Cheese Croquettes)

This meal is made from small breadcrumbed fried food roll which is stuffed by mashed potatoes, cheese, fish or ground meat, mixed with béchamel sauce. This meal is a local-favourite and is available in almost every restaurant across the island.

  • Locally produced wine

Top up the excellent local cuisine tastes with a bottle of wine made from the local wine estates. The wine is made with excellent quality prowess to give you that fine taste you require to enjoy your stuffed squid or grilled octopus.

  • Gyro (comes stuffed with fries – the Greek style)

(A kythnos Gyro stuffed with fries)

The Gyro is a very popular meal in Kythnos and is made from meat cooked on a rotisserie. However, the locals spice it up and stuff it with fried to give you one of the best tasting street food offerings you will come across.



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Kolona Merikas
Loutra Beach Loutra
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Agios Dimitrios beach Apokrousis
Apokrousi Ayia Irene
Agia Irini Beach Ayios Stefanos
Gaidouromantra Episkopis
Kalo Livadi Kanala
Ayios Nikolaos


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