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December 14, 2018




Located between the Aegean most acclaimed destnations, Santorini and Mykonos, Koufonisia is a very remote and tiny island but with some of the best spectacular swimming spots and beaches in the Cycladic region.  Koufonisia is comprised of two small islets, Kato Koufonisia and Ano Koufonisia, which are separated by a wide, narrow strait of 200m.  The island’s name Koufonisia (hollow islands) derives from the huge caves, which gave pirates the impression that the islands were hollow.  A short distance from Koufonisia is the deserted Keros Island, which remains under the designation of a protected archaeological site.

Only Pano Koufonisia is inhabited.  The island remains a top choice for all those seeking a relaxing getaway for their holidays, plentiful fresh seafood, a number of festivities, pools of turquoise waters and sheltered golden sandy beaches.  In other words, this island will reward you with an off the beaten track paradise experience to relax your body and mind in one of the most gorgeous Mediterranean settings.

Top things to do in Koufonisia

  • Visit the Kato Koufonissi

This paradise can be found a few miles across Ano Koufonisia and remains uninhabited.  This has helped it keep its natural charm unspoiled. Being a less frequently visited area, you will find some of the best beaches such as Laki, Nero, and there is also a little tavern as well.

  • The Ancient ruins of Koufonisia

(Ancient ruins of Koufonisia)

At the archaeological site at Kato Koufonisi you can see the remains of an ancient temple.  When you visit, you also come across a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary that faces the sea and is built on top of the ruins.

  • Scuba diving

Once in Koufonisia, head down to the diving centre for a guided tour and diving instructions in the island’s majestic reefs and caves.  The process of booking your place for the adventure is very simple.  All request forms are  submitted and then  you are given  all that is required.

Where to eat

  • Dine at ‘Lavanda e Rosmarino.’

This restaurant is dedicated to serving authentic Italian cuisine ranging from Italian wines, cold meats to Italian cheese.

  • ‘Mikres Cyclades’

(Mikres Cyclades)

At the heart of Chora, ‘Mikres Cyclades’ promises to serve you the tastiest Greek gastronomic experience  of simple but delicious dishes prepared with a touch of the Island’s magic.





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