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December 14, 2018


Kimolos Greece

Crystal Clear waters of Kimolos

‘Kimolos – an Aegean rugged jewel that will captivate you with its geological beauty and architectural wealth.’

Kimolos is a beautiful little island of the Cyclades located next to Milos but is rich with mysterious beaches, rare geological monuments and incredible architectural wealth.  Even though it is very close to much more popular Aegean destinations in Greece, Kimolos has managed to maintain its charm unspoiled. When visiting Kimolos, you will find yourself lost among picturesque architecture, crystal clear waters and amazing beaches.  This island is slowly starting to become Greece’s hottest alternative destination.

There is only one village on this island, Chorio, which is also the island’s capital, the central point of all activities.  The town is characterized by a quaint settlement that can be found  spread out all over the port.  Here, you have access to a wide variety of tourist facilities, shops, restaurants and hotels. You will love spending a night here.

When it comes to beaches, the island has plenty of enticing beaches that can be accessed either  by boat or on foot.  One thing you will be guaranteed of is the heavenly swimming experience.

What to do in Kimolos

  • Explore Kimolo’s capital, Chorio

Streets and houses in Kimolos

Chorio is Kimolo’s capital and  welcomes  a great number of visitors when they are not heading towards the port.  This village is on the southwestern side of the island, just under Mount Xaplovouni’s shadow.  This town is blessed to have just some main squares fewer than other islands do. Wandering in the narrow streets admire the whitewashed houses with bright blue doors and domed-roof churches.

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum

The historical archive of the island is kept at Chorio’s heart.  This museum houses relics and artefacts dating back to thousands of years.  This is one very detailed museum exhibiting diagrams and photos regarding all items in display.  The museum is located just across the Cathedral Church of Panagia Odigitria.

  • Castle

Kimolos Castro

One thing you always find in small Cycladic islands is the presence of a medieval castle.  Chorio is no exception.  The  ‘Kastro’ since the medieval times is made up of two sections at the foothill of the mountain.  The inner section houses the Church of the Birth of Christ, an inner courtyard and some small houses that date back to the 15th century.  The outer section has a narrow alleyway with numerous houses too.

  • Go shopping around the island

Kimolos is one of the best places to buy handcrafted items  and traditional artisan souvenirs.  There are a few shops in Chorio and near the port of Psathi and stock unique creations of Greek artists.

Where to eat in Kimolos

Even for a rather small island, Kimolos has a generous choice of dining options that will satisfy your culinary needs with  dishes of typical Mediterranean diet.

  • Experience traditional Greek cuisine at ‘Sardis’ Restaurant

‘Sardis’ Restaurant, Kimolos

On your way to the Aliki beach, you will come across a popular family tavern serving the best authentic traditional foods. When you are there, don’t hesitate to try a mix of hearty dishes such as the Mostra salad, a mixture of ‘Xino’ (sour) cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olive slices, caper leaves and fresh tomatoes.  Additionally, feel free to order some appetizers such as Ladenia and fried tomato balls.

  • Dine at Kali Kardia ‘Bohoris’

Also known as the ‘Goodhearted Restaurant,’ Kali Kardia will serve you traditional meals all day every day.  You can find the restaurant at Chorio’s main street.  The main highlights served here are the Ladera – a composition of classic vegetarian Greek dishes that are olive-oil based.  Make sure you try the melitzanes (eggplants) that are cooked in a creamy, fresh tomato sauce.

  • ‘To Kyma’

Seafront Tavern of ‘To Kyma’

This is a seafront tavern at the port and offers great servings while you burry your feet in the sand and the sea breeze caresses your skin.  This tavern has a wide selection of seafood options ranging from delicious octopus cooked in red wine, boiled wild greens, melitzanes, zucchini pie and the Greek salad with ‘xino’ cheese.

  • Experience amazing views and tastes at ‘Meltemi’ Restaurant

Octopus in red wine

A perfect way to unwind your evening is having dinner at ‘Meltemi’ Restaurant.  They serve various dishes from the local Kimolo cuisine.  The restaurant is easily accessible from the post office and you will enjoy a breath-taking sunset view of the island.



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