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December 14, 2018


Kea Greece

Kea is a Cycladic island that is located south of Attica, in the Aegean Sea, also known as Tzia.  A flourishing island with dense woodland, fields and a spectacular landscape.  Because of its proximity to Athens, the island of Kea has grown to become a great destination away from the city’s hustle and bustle.  Ferries to the island depart from Lavrio port and take about one hour to reach the island.  Even though Kea is a typical Cycladic island, you will be surprised by its elegant architecture combined with earthy stones instead of the blue-domed churches and the whitewashed houses.

Kea Island

Moving into Kea’s inland, you find a hidden paradise!  The island is a natural habitat to rare wild animals and plant species as well as reptiles and birds.  This makes the island a perfect destination for all  nature explorers and lovers. Visit the island’s capital called Ioulida,   cars are banned and traditional architecture is to be admired, take in very relaxing vibe.  Go for a walk to the Archaeological Museum of Ioulida and the Medieval castle, which is a preserve of the Venetian era. When it comes to the beaches, Kea offers a range of  unspoiled sandy beaches with clear waters where you can dive for a swim. Poular ones include: Korissia, Koundouros and Gialiskari.

Top things to do in Kea:

  • Go scuba diving

The wreck of the famous HMS Brittanic

Kea happens to have one of the most perfect sea bottom along with the strait between it and Makronissi for the best scuba diving experiences. However, most of the major available spots are for experienced scuba divers only, due to the strong sea currents across this area. You can head down to Kea’s wreck of Titanic’s “sister” ship, the famous HMS Brittanic.  At a depth of 120m, you will have fun on your way down.  If you are a beginner, you can try a couple of shallow underwater caves and reefs.

  • Explore the Island

Even though a small island, its closeness to Attica makes it a very popular summer and weekend destination for those wanting to stay close to Athens and the locals alike.  There are numerous spectacular beaches and traditional vibes that let enjoy a very relaxing experience.  Engage in the island’s main activities such as hiking.  Visit the picturesque villages of Vourkari and Loulida and the nice beaches of Otzias and Koundouros.  Spare some time to visit the archeological site of Ancient Karthea and the Stone Lion.

  • Open-air cinemas

The island has one of the best open-air cinemas with a large screen that comes to life at night with neatly arranged chairs for the viewers.  A splendid way to spend your summer nights.

  • Cultural events and festivals

Kea has a tradition of hosting some of the most fun festivals, the island is popular for partying, eating and dancing to traditional music until early morning hours.  Most of these take place on the island’s capital.  Some of the most popular events include the Holy Trinity Day, the religious festival of Panagia Kastriani, the Agia Marina’s fair, and the Agios Haralambos’ dedication.

What to eat

  • spicy kebab romani (beef patties)

Kebabs are made of various cooked meat dishes and are a very popular option across this island.  While in the Rhodopi Mountains, look for a tarvena called ‘Kottani; and order some of their special spicy kebab romani (beef patties).  The food here is magic.

  • ‘Sush’i

Sushi at Soshimou

Sushi served at Sushimou,  tastes like nowehere else. Head to the counter, meet the chef Antonis Drakoularakos, the Tokyo-trained chef, tell him your budget and he will whip something up to satisfy your taste buds.  One of his most  loved meals is the local seafood sliced up as sashimi sushi.

  • Ice cream from ‘To Paradosiakon’

‘To Paradosiakon’ is a popular ice-cream and patisserie place, housed in a historic Italianate mansion with a full view of the sea. Be prepared to have the best sweet-tooth experience of your life.

  • Grilled octopus from ‘El Greco’

Grilled octopus

This popular taverna is strategically located,  its tables are placed  right on the beach and  seves the  ast food versions of seafood.  The locals love it for its genial service and quality.  Make an effort to visit this restaurant and order yourself the grilled octopus.  It’s the best!



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