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December 14, 2018


Kamares, Sifnos

Adorned  with panoramic impressive steep hills, the Port of Kamares is known for its beautiful long beach, a wide range of accommodation options, shops and tavernas, waterfront cafes and a lovely holiday atmosphere.  The beach here, is the perfect getaway for families with toddlers as the waters are shallow for a long distance, giving them enough space to have fun.

A street in Kamares, Sifnos

This port serves an infinte number of ferries  from Piraeus and other nearby islands, accounting for all traffic coming and leaving Sifnos. On the right side of the port is the main settlement, which includes various types of shops, plenty of accommodation and a plethora of services available for the tourists.  Being one of the best-known ceramic production centres in the Cyclades, expect to see plenty of pottery workshops.  Take time to visit the astounding buildings and whitewashed Cycladic houses before heading towards the beach for an afternoon swim.

What to do in Kamares, Sifnos

  • Watch the arrival of night ferries

If you have some free time, take a bottle of wine and head down to the port.  Sit on the seawall and feel the breeze as you watch the night ferries arrive at the port.  This beautiful sight will guarantee nostalgic moments when you are back home.

  • Enjoy ‘Revithia; day

Chickpea stew on Revithia Day

Sundays in Kamares are  “Revithia day”.   During this day, all the restaurants across Kamares serve the island’s  speciality, chickpea stew. However, you need to get there on time or else you will not find any left.

  • Visit the two monasteries in Kamares

The Monastery of Profitti Ilias

Kamares is the home of to two majestic monasteries; Agios Spyridon and Profitti Ilias, which are located a couple of yards apart from each other.  You can either drive there or walk, but if you chose the latter, be prepared for sore feet the following day.

  • Explore Kamares

Exploring is made much easier in Kamares.  Since cars and motorcycles are allowed here, you can rent one from George Podotas’ shop, which is just behind the waterfront. There are also other car rental services so that you can compare rates with.  After your ride, explore the port of Kamares before heading inland towards Sifnos.

What to eat

If there is one thing Sifnos is famous for is its fine cooking.  The cuisine here is very developed due to their tradition in pottery.  During  a time when other islanders used open fires and sticks to cook meat, the people of Kamares prepared delicious casseroles and stews using clay ovens and ceramic pots.

  • Manolis’ Restaurant in Vathy

Dishes  prepared by Manolis are the best.  It is in his restaurant where you can  find the best mouth-watering, clay oven-cooked food in Kamares. While  in Kamares, wish that he is roasting lamb, this is the most delicious roasted meat you will ever taste.  For decades, Manolis has been the source of life around Vathi.

  • Experience Authentic Sifnos food at Meropi’s in Kamares

Greek salad serving at Meropi’s

Have a taste of fresh meat and fish when in Kamares at Meropi’s.  This popular taverna serves you authentic Sifnos dishes with A-plus in hospitality. Drop in Meropi’s for a late afternoon treat and enjoy the succulent octopus with cucumber, feta cheese, olives and tomatoes.

  • Piro’s Bakery

Piro’s Bakery is a convenience food shop in Kamares.  He provides all the town  with the finest, most delicious baked cookies, cakes and pastries. Everything is baked on the premises.  Prepare for one of the best sweet-tooth experiences you have ever had.





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