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December 14, 2018



Being one of the most beautiful islands in Greece this quaint Saronic island is the best place to spend your weekend.  The island is only two hours away from Piraeus – Athens, a very popular destination among prominent Greeks and foreign celebrities, and will fascinate you every time you visit it.

Hidden in this little paradise, there is a unique aspect of life: no motor vehicles on the island apart from ambulances and garbage trucks. All your transportation is either on foot, water taxis or  on delightful donkey and mule rides.

Hydra is most famous for its captivating character, pebbly beaches and fine architecture. It is your perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Have fun enjoying the pristine beaches, stroll along the coast or visit the island’s Museums, some of the activities that are perfect for a day trip.

What to do in Hydra

  • Go on a donkey ride

A donkey ride in Hydra

Hydra’s transportation system relies greatly on mules and donkeys to get heavy shopping and luggage around.  People also get a chance to ride on them with several locals specialized in the transportation of tourists on donkeys across the island.  With such a great number of donkeys that you have ever seen, finding one to take you around will be very easy.  You can start early and ride one straight from the port.

  • Visit the Monastery of the Assumption of  the Virgin Mary

Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Out of the 6 monasteries and about 300 churches, the Monastery of the Assumption of  the Virgin Mary stands out.  It is located underneath the clock tower at the centre of the harbour.  This majestic landmark was built in 1963and has an 18th century Byzantine-style cathedral.  You need to dress appropriately as it is a place of worship.

  • Enjoy a  spectacular view from the Bastions

A canon on the Bastions of Hydra

In an attempt to protect themselves and the city from the Turkish fleets, Hydra developed cannons but in the end did not use  them as the Greek fleets did much of the work protecting the island.  The bastions with cannons were built as a necessary precaution and have survived the passage of  time until today.  There is one on each side of the Harbour.  Climb one of the bastions and admire an amazing view of the town and the Aegean Sea.

  • Visit some of the island’s museums

Hydra is the home of  a rich history pertaining to the island’s cultural, traditional and historical aspects, which is displayed in the three museums namely the Ecclesiastical Museum, the Kountouriotis Museum and the Historical Archives Museum.

What to eat

You might want to take a water taxi when heading to a restaurant.  It is very glamorous.  Here are some of the top dishes you can order when in Hydra

  • Greek Salad

Greek Salad

Enjoy the popular Greek salad, which is a very healthy option, loaded with lots of fresh vegetables,  topped with a tangy lemon herb to ensure great flavours and satisfy those craving Greek food.

  • Greek-style Roast fish

A very tasty Spetses dish of roasted fish fillets, with herbs, tomatoes and potatoes to give you a healthy and gluten-free serving.  You can add some red wine for a grand culinary experience.

  • Greek “pastichio” pasta dish

Greek Pastichio pasta

The Greek pastichio  is a cheesy and creamy baked pasta dish also called Greek lasagna.  While there are various variations to this meal, the pastichio is the best.  This is a traditional cuisine made with thick ‘bucatini’ pasta.

  • Ice cream and pastry

For one of the best sweet-tooth experience, head over to ‘To Paradosiakon,’ a popular bakery in Agia Marina and Platanos.  The owner is an alchemist confectioner who uses family recipes to prepare traditional deserts and pies and pastries such as the pougakia (almond and mandarin pastries) and the pastavouropita (Yogurt cake).  Make sure you try the homemade ice cream and the triple-layered chocolate gateau.





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