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December 14, 2018



Ermioni is a small fishing town located on the beautiful peninsula, on the North-Eastern part of Peloponnese.  This picturesque village is the home to about 2,600 permanent residents  but has its own island atmosphere. The town, is built on the slopes of a hill and streches to the crystal clear sea.  You can enjoy a day at the beach and a fantastic nightlife, too.  There are  beautiful houses, paved streets, cafes and tavernas, which  contributed to  reviving the town’s tourism.  The town’s natural beauty and traditional architecture promise you a peaceful vacation with your family.

You reach Ermioni either by car, a 180- Km  drive from Athens or by sea, making it the perfect destination for a one-day escape.  You can also visit nearby islands such as Spetses or Hydra. Apart from its spectacular Aegean beauty, this town is rich in history. The name Ermioni derives from Hermiona, the son of Europs.  Europs founded the City of Hermione, which served as a trade center before joining forces in the Greek War of Independence.

What to do in Ermioni

The number of activities  in Ermioni are limited as the region tends to keep a low profile on tourism.  The only recognized activity you are likely to see is diving.

  • Scuba diving

Ermioni scuba diving

Ermioni  is one of the least known diving places in Greece.  Situated  on Argolida coast, the islets and reefs provide you with a great diving experience. Apart from enjoying a local dive, you can hop on one of the organized  diving trips by Ermioni diving centres to nearby islands such as Dokos and Hydra.

  • Explore the town of Ermioni

Ermioni is a very sunny and lovely destination in the Saronic Gulf, where tourism peaked during the last decades after the construction of summer houses in the location.  The town is a very family-friendly destination due to its closeness to the beach front.

  • Wine and Dine

A Restaurant in Ermioni

Ermioni has an extensive range of restaurants and tavernas, which serve a wide variety of  Mediterranean style, cooked dishes, local beers and wines.

What to eat

Ermioni is host to many restaurants and taverns, which serve plenty of local Greek dishes.  You find Greek cuisine specialties,  mostly such as  as Greek salads, Moussaka and Souvlaki.  Vegetarians are also well taken care of in this town.

Roasted fish served with rice, salad and a slice of lemon

What to eat: The local Greek Mediterranean diet is recognized as one of the healthiest in the world.  Most meals are served with extra virgin olive oil and an added slice of lemon.  Do not hesitate to squeeze it as you have your grilled octopus.

Added Tip: One rule of the locals – Do not just order what is on the menu, ask what is available on that day or head in the kitchen and choose. Some of the delicious local dishes are not always on the menu.

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