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December 14, 2018



Delos, Greece

Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, one of the most important mythological and historical ancient sites in Cyclades.  It is a time capsule of rich history that rests idle on the Aegean waters.  This island is the home to a series of  significant monumental antiquities dating back to the Hellenistic, Classical and Archaic periods, and it only serves the purpose of an archaeological site.  Delos is a very small barren and rocky island at the heart of the Cyclades archipelago and has served as the home to an influential political forces and a religious centre through time.  As time progressed, the island became a political center housing the base of the Delian League.  Finally, the island later came to serve as a commercial harbour and had a number of luxurious markets and houses.

Delos is Greece’s important historical, mythological and archaeological site and a key monument that signifies the world’s cultural heritage.  The grounds here were sacred to the immortal, mythological gods and godesses.  The sun reflects over the island’s special marbles, giving a spectacular view often regarded as symbolizing the harmony and light of reason of the Ancient Greeks.  As you visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site you feel respect, aspirations and awe towards Greece’s rich history.  This island should definitely be on a popular choice on your bucket list.

Activities to do in Delos

  • Climb Mt. Kythnos

Steps up Mt. Kythnos

One of your top to do list activities should be going for  hike to mount Kythnos, its summit lies at a height of 113 metres.  The mountain offers you a panoramic view over the surrounding countryside and the island’s ruins.  While at the top, look to the west to see Syros, to the south to see the hills of Naxos, Mykonos to the east and the mountainous island of Tinos to the north.  The path to the top is ancient and made of stone steps. The top is believed to have been the grounds for Zeus’ and Athena’s temple.  Come prepared as it can be very windy.

  • Visit the house of Cleopatra

The house of Cleopatra was a lavish Theatre Quarter home that existed in the 2nd-century BC.  However, the Cleopatra in this story is not the Egyptian queen but rather the daughter of Adrastus of Myrrhinou.  Today, the remains of this home are the two headless statues of Cleopatra and her husband placed inside the ruins.

  • Visit the Theatre Quarter

Theatre Quarter

Dating back to the second and third century, the Theatre Quarter can be found between the commercial harbour and Mt. Kythnos.  This area is chracaterised by narrow, winding streets paved with slate slabs.  The ruins of the houses point out that they had at least one upper story and stood about 4-5 meters high.  You come across the notable House of the Trident, which belonged to a merchant or ship-owner, and comes with a decorated mosaic floor. The theatre is on the southeast side of the quarter and has a Greek style architecture with the capacity to hold about 5,500 spectators.

  • The terrace of lions

The Terrace of Lions

This is the most documented tourist attraction in Delos and overlooks  the  majestic Sacred Lake.  The Terrace of  Lions is a row of white marble lions,  originally there were nine but only five have remained.  These are replicas and the originals are in the exhibition at Delos Museum.





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