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Bavaria Maintenance

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202006/04/2020Engineering15 - FW ACCUMULATOR INSTALLATION

Installed FW accumulator since never installed in order to make the FW pump’s operation smooth and with constant water flow.

Total cost : 168,22 euro
Spares cost: 128.22 euro
Labour cost : 60 euro

60,00 €128,22 €
202013/03/2020Engineering14- Rudder inspection and adjustment & autopilot

Steering gear of rudder inspected as well as autopilot system

The rudder torque lever was found in good condition and careful inspection was done for cracks, as it is common to appear such problems under intense helm.

The heavy duty chains connecting to steering wheel have been found in good condition , together with the pulleys, gears and foundation.

Steering gear eye bolt tensioner has been adjusted to compensate for the slightly loose of the transmission chains and has been set adequately for correct rudder response without extensive backlash.

All chains, pulleys, gears , bearings and autopilot mechanical link have been greased with special NLGI marine type grease for smooth operation and rust protection.

Autopilot power pack KENLOWE and integra drives of Lewmar, have been found in very good condition, with no leakages , no mechanical damages.

Total Cost : 20 euros
Labour : 20 euros
Spares : 0 euros

20,00 €0,00 €
202005/03/2020General13-Toilet cover & seat replacement

Even though not critical , for cosmetics reasons and hygiene feeling , was replaced 1 pc of the toilet cover & seat , as its surface was decayed by the normal wear & tear and was unprofessional to keep this toilet cover for yacht’s clients

Total Cost : 20 euros (for 1 pc of toilet exclusive dimensions)

20200305_135217.jpg0,00 €20,00 €
202013/03/2020General12-Water tight check in all hatches High pressure

All deck hatches were tested with high pressure water jet for confirming water tighteness.

Deck hatches were all found in good condition apart of frw end deck hatch were a lack of rubber was witnessed due to rubber shrinkage and center hatch above sofa were a leakage was found from the latching system.

For the lateral windows, all hatches failed with high pressure testing but with water rinse flow there has been no leakage observed. Rubber is in good condition and no need for replacement.

Remedy was performed for the deck hatch leakages as above and yacht is confirmed water tight.

Total Cost : 30 euros
Labour : 20 euros
Spares : 10 euros

20,00 €10,00 €

Fire extinguishers of the yacht ( 2 pcs - 6 kg each) taken ashore to derembeis workshop in Piraeus which is an approved service station , inspected and replaced all necessary as per regulations , issued the annual certificate of fire extinguishers testing and returned back onboard.

Attached , certificate of fire extinguishers inspection and invoicing of Derembeis service station.

Total Cost; 30 euro
Inspection fee of workshop and transportation to their premises : 20 euro
Spares needed as per regulations and invoicing: 10 euro


Installation of monitoring system for the yacht , including continuous monitoring of GPS position , Geo fense alerts , bilge alarm , total running hours of the engine , voltage monitoring and alarm for service batteries & engine batteries for protection of the yacht and systems.

Extensive cabling was laid down to bring all signals to monitoring unit which is in secret place for obvious reasons.

Total Cost : 442 euro
Labour : 60 euro for cabling installation and commisioning
Spares and annual subscription : (380 euro ) 250 euro for monitoring equipment & 95 euro annual subscription & 35 euro special charter package

60,00 €380,00 €
202022/02/2020Engineering10-Anchor chain check - measurements & anchor galvanizing

Anchor chain laid down , inspected for wastage and rust , measured for confirming appropriate size and eliminate wasted thickness, no problems observed,

All chain links are in good condition, still with good galvanized surface , with nominal thickness and no need for any replacement parts. Only replacement was the plastic indication parts every 10 meters which normally are wasted after one season use.

Anchor was sent for hot dip galvanizing in workshop. Before dipping it for galvanizing , anchor was immersed in acid pickling for surface preparation and rust elimination which was apparent when anchor was decided to be sent for hot dip galvanizing, in order to enchanse cosmetics of the yacht.

Total Cost : 80 euros
Labour : 20 euro for chain inspection and measuremnets and plastic indicator parts every 10 meters of chain
Spares : 20 euros for replacing the rubber indicators of chain & 40 euro for hot dip galvanizing

20200211_175634.jpg20,00 €60,00 €
202021/02/2020General8- EPIRB ANNUAL & RADIO SBM

EPIRB was taken ashore to FINOS premises in Piraeus which is an approved service station for radio equipment as per 66811/95 decision of Greek ministry , inspected and tested as per regulations , issued the annual certificate of Epirb testing and returned back onboard.

Attached , certificate of Epirb inspection /testing and renewal of SMB ( shore based maintenance agreement )

Total Cost; ( paid by DYC before ownership transfer)
Inspection fee of workshop and transportation to their premises : unknown ( paid by DYC before ownership transfer)
Spares needed as per regulations and invoicing: ( paid by DYC before ownership transfer)

EPIRB-ANNUAL-RADIO-SBM.pdf1,00 €1,00 €
202020/02/2020General7- LIFERAFT SERVICING

Liferaft HYF - U 10 (II) , with S/N 18003 was taken ashore to derembeis warehouse in Piraeus which is an approved service station for liferafts , inspected and replaced all necessary as per regulations , issued the annual certificate of liferaft testing and returned back onboard.

Attached , certificate of liferaft inspection and invoicing of Derembeis approved liferaft service station.

Total Cost; 130 euro
Inspection fee of workshop and transportation to their premises : 80 euro
Spares needed as per regulations and invoicing: 50 euro

80,00 €50,00 €
202020/02/2020Engineering6-WINDLASS - SERVICING

The gypsy drum assembly of the anchor chain has been dismantled for measuring and servicing in line with the standard annual maintenance procedures.

The special made brass alloy braking mechanism has been found in good condition and adequate breaking capacity of this this equipment can be assured.

Shaft seal for water elimination of the gear mechanism , has been renewed in line with the standard annual maintenance procedure.

Gypsy wheel links have been measured and found with no wastage due to wear , thus no need of any other replacement parts.

Gear mechanism has been dismanteled in workshop, inspected condition of gear mechanism and replenish the special high pressure gear oil.

Electric motor , has been dismantled in workshop, replaced carbon brushes, replaced shaft bearing and seals , measured wiring for ground faults and insulation testing ( Megger test) , inspected overal condition of motor and stator and asseblied back in order to be installed onboard.

For re-assembly onboard the windlass , special sealing sikaflex was used for correct mounting of the equipment onboard and on completion , windlass was measured for its efficiency by hanging the anchor and measuring time during heaving, with good results. Time for heaving 6 meters of chain and hanging anchor was found to be (*************) , which is within spec and is kept in records for monitoring windlass efficiency.

Total cost : 125 euro Including spares and labour
Spares for carbon brushes, shaft seals, pins , sikaflex etc : 45 euro
Labour : 80 euros for workshop electrician motor specialist and tecnician for dismantling / assembly in position

80,00 €45,00 €
202005/02/2020Electrical3- BATTERY TESTING PRE-SEASON

Battery test NAXIA Batteries Status -Measurement by DHC BTJ41 Battery Tester

Details : All batteries of the yacht have been measured by DHC BTJ41 Battery Tester with good results.

At the time being , no need for any battery replacement for the new season.

For testing the capacity and SOH ( State of Health) of the batterries by this special measuring device, all batteries needs to be disconnected to each other , adjusted the correct Amhrs for the measuring device and perform a simulation of the discharging status of the battery , in order to calculate the remaining capacity of the battery and its ability to keep the voltage /power supply at the nominated characteristics.

Below & attached the detailed condition record of all yacht's batteries.

NAXIA Battery Status -Measurement by DHC BTJ41 Battery Tester 2020

Maker Type Capacity Amphrs Date of installation Voltage Measured SAE Percentage SOH Percentage SOC Date of measurmet Status
No1 service battery HANKOOK SHD64589 145 TBS 13,58 786 90% 100% 5/2/2020 Good

No2 service battery HANKOOK SHD64589 145 TBS 13,65 815 92% 100% 5/2/2020 Good

No3 service battery HANKOOK SHD64589 145 TBS 13,59 793 91% 100% 5/2/2020 Good

Engine battery HANKOOK MF 60038 100 TBS 13,73 872 100% 100% 5/2/2020 Good

Bow Thruster battery E-NEX DC31-MF 100 TBS 13,74 823 100% 100% 5/2/2020 Good

Emergency GMDSS Battery VARTA Blue 13 40 TBS 12,52 236 81% 72% 5/2/2020 Good

SOH :State of Health / It means how much battery capacity is left % comparing with the marked original battery capacity
SOC :State of Charge / It means how many percent of the battery is actually charged

Total Cost : 65 euros

Labour : 60 euros , for removal of all batteries , disconnecting to each other , adjustment & measurements and re-connection in parallel all of them.
Spares: 5 euros , for special clamp for battery pole

60,00 €5,00 €
202001/02/2020Sails and rigging4- SAILS MAINTENANCE & WINTER STORAGE

Removal of sails ( main sail & genoa) and sending them ashore to sail maker warehouse for inspection, rinsing with fresh water , cleaning ,maintenance and rectification of small damages

Sails after inspection and rectification , remain at sail maker warehouse at controlled area for storage during winter time, in order to avoid decay by weather and salt environment.

Together with sails, bimini & sprayhood of the yacht , were sent ashore to same sail maker , for rinsing with fresh water , rectification of small damages, zip maintenance and storage.

Sails & appendages are brought back onboard few days before season starts.

Total Cost : 650 euro ( 100 euro for removal & mounting ) and 550 for storage , maintenance , etc
Removal of sails, bimini & spreayhood transportation , cleaning storage , rectification of damages and mounting back onboard

100,00 €450,00 €

All 3 toilets have been dismantled including piping and sent ashore for internal cleaning to eliminate debris accumulation internally. All non return valves) , O-rings and rubber flaps of non return flushing mechanism have been renewed in line with annual winter servicing requirements with the standard TMC service kit by the maker.

Holding tanks have been opened , rinsed with high pressure fresh water system, cleaned and disinfect with special antimicrobial agents.

Cost Specification :

Total cost : 290 euro Including spares, labour & consumables

Spares for 3 toilets :90 euro ( 30 euro x 3 service kits ( 3pc X 3 kits each) )
Consumables : 20 euros (disinfection agents and cleaning equipment)
Labour : 180 euro ( 60 euro x 3 pcs ) including high pressure washing of holding black water tanks and removal of all sanitary piping ashore for cleaning internally

180,00 €110,00 €

Remove all ropes and sent ashore for washing and special rinsing with water and conditioner.

Inspection was performed for all the length of the ropes in order to assure that there are not any hidden damages in areas that are not visible during summer use ( mast height etc) and ends of the ropes where some minor fray was observed , were corrected as appropriate

In total , 13 ropes were taken out and in their place special guide rope was fitted for easy mounting when season starts.

Total cost :
Labour : 60 euros for all ropes removal and refitting and fray correction where applicable
Spares: 30 euros for rope guide , as about 300 meters of rope guide was used.

Collect all ropes for inspection and maintenance . Clean from salt

60,00 €30,00 €

All 5 manual winches dismantled checked and cleaned from old remaining grease with special agents. Checking includes the following : , bearings , gears , pawls , driving shafts , keyways, springs

Newly greased with special water resistant grease NLGI -II , and tested / oiled the pawl/ ratchets and springs with HARKEN pawl oil for correct and smooth operation of the latching system as per maker’s maintenance plan.

All 5 winches, gears , bearings and ratchets were found in good condition, except 3 small bearings with spare part code (****) of the STB aft winch ( for trimming the genoa sheet ) of the winch Lewmar 54 , which were found with extensive rust and is reccommended their replacement. Photos attached.

Onboard equipment serviced are : 2 pcs of LEWMAR 54 winches , 2pcs of LEWMAR 54 winches and 1 pc of LEWMAR 40 winch.

70,00 €50,00 €
 Season Date Category ITEM NAME Description Image or Video Invoice & Docs Labor cost Parts cost