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December 14, 2018



The island of Amorgos

This long and slanted shaped island resembling the shape of a seahorse is on the eastern edge of the Cyclades, close to  the Dodecanese islands. The island has a stunning beauty and authenticity filled with its aromatic herbs, raki-loving spirit (grape-based liquor), and spectacular walking paths and trails. While it might come across as a melancholic island, a visit there will have a very positive impact on you.

Agios Pavlos beach

The island boasts several key features including the fabulous beaches, mysterious caves, minimal Cycladic architecture and a breathtaking natural landscape.  Due to its location, Amorgos remains untouched by mass tourism, making it the perfect place for a private and tranquil getaway. Even nature lovers will find the island very fascinating.  If you are a naturist, the beaches are a great place to start while the hiking trails across the island will be perfect for explorers.


Top things to do in Amorgos

  • Visit the villages of Potamos, Tholaria and Lagada

If you want to experience traditional Cycladic atmosphere, these villages will be the best place to start.  They are characterised by whitewashed houses, great views, arches, stairs, narrow alleys and offer a tranquil experience among other landmark features that make the island so unique.

  • Acquaint yourself with Katapola and Aegiali

Katapola and Aegiali are two ports located at the island’s opposite sides. Katapola is located west of Chora and only a 10-minute drive. Aegiali, on the other hand, is northwest of Chora and is  a half-hour trip by car.  The port of Aegiali boasts a long and curved sandy beach great for swimming.  At the  port there is a variey of accommodation options, taverns and bars.  While Katapola has a number of options for tourist, it does so in a much milder fashion.  If you are in for  a little adventure, head to Xylokeratidi once you get to Katapola.

  • Explore Chora

Chora is the capital of Amorgos with a genuine Cycladic surroundings, making it one of the most striking island capitals in Greece. The town comes to life with many similar-looking churches, water fountains and charming alleys. The town is located slightly south of the island’s centre and offers key highlights of the 16th-century architecture such as the Gavras Tower and the Amorgos Archeological Collection.


  • Visit the Hozoviotissa Monastery

This is the island’s top attraction. Built during the 10th century the cliffside monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa stands 300m above the Aegen Sea on the steepest cliff of Mt. Profitis Elias. With visibility being only possible from the sea, this monument is the textbook definition of human triumph over nature.  Do not stop at the entrance, gather your courage and face the ample steps ahead of you.  Make sure you bring plenty of drinking water with you for the steep ascent.  Avoid visiting the monument during the hottest hours of the day.

Hozoviotissa Monastery

What to eat

The local Amorgian cuisine  is a perfect blend of the surrounding sea and the mountain herbs and goats as well.  The menu offers a variety of exotic tastes combined with the island’s seasonings and surrounding nature.  The Amorgian cuisine is classified under the Mediterranean Diet, meaning that you taste the healthiest foods in the world.  It is based on a rich mix of cereals, fruits, pulses, herbs and vegetables cooked with  pure olive oil, which contributes to your well-being and longevity.

  • Greek salad


This is a very popular dish across the island and whole of Greece actually.  Make sure you try the ‘choriatiki’ – a fan-favourite among the locals.  It is a must-have with  your meal. Visit any tavern you come across and help yourself to this delicious serving.

  • Fava


A very cheap and healthy Greek dish made with yellow lentils that can be served either hot or cold.  The meal is never complete without squezzed lemon juice and a thin-sliced red onion. Do not be shy to squeeze that lemon on the food for that extra rich taste.  This local dish is very popular, and you can enjoy it in all taverns on the island.

  • Mountain Greens (chorta)

This traditional dish is cultivated and picked in the mountains with every season having its unique ‘chorta’ such as dandelions, wild chards and vlita. Chorta is served as a side dish to either fish or meat.

  • Patatato

This is the island’s ‘local dish’ and a very popular serving in religious festivals (panigiria)  and  is prepared by the whole village or people attending the festivals.  You can also find it in many tavernas on the island.



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