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December 14, 2018


Adamas, Milos Greece


Adamas is Milos main port and the island’s  busiest place even though Plaka is the capital.  This port is protected from the ‘Meltemi’ wind from the north, giving it the calmest waters you will ever come across.  On your way to Milos, you will see the famous Cycladic sight of a cluster of white houses, which tend to spread as you proceed up the hill and a blue-domed, picture-perfect church.  Adamas waterfront promenade is lined up with restaurants, ice-cream parlours, bars, cafes, travel agencies and docks.  A walk from Adamas in either direction will take you to the island’s two beaches: Adamas beach and the small beach of Lagada, which are located on the opposite sides of the port.  You can also book a boat trip to some of the island’s inaccessible coves around the island.

The city was built in 1835 by Sfakian refugees from Crete after their failure to rebel against the Turks.  Since then, Adamas has developed to become a vital preserve of history because of its strategic position in the Aegean, and its naturally made harbour.  This place is the perfect to spend a night when you are in Milos, it is easily accessible from any other location you may be staying at.

Top things to do in Adamas, Milos

  • Visit the Art Gallery housed at the WWII Bomb Shelter

WWII Bomb Shelter

In the course of WWII during the German occupation, the inhabitants constructed a large network of underground tunnels to act as bomb shelters. Today, the tunnels have been repurposed to accomodate the art gallery.  Step in for a cool and eerie experience.

  • Explore the islands’s museums

A display at the Milos Mining Museum

In the port town of Adamas, there are 3 out of the 7 museums of Milos island, each one revealing a distinctive Milos life and culture characteristic. Visit the Milos Mining Museum and learn about the island’s geological past, the Ecclesiastical Museum to learn about the island under the Venetian rule and the Naval Museum, located close to the cultural centre.

  • Have a meal as you enjoy a view of the spectacular calm waterfront.

In Adamas, there is an unrivalled variety of restaurants, explaining for  its increasing popularity with tourists.  Stroll along the port and choose the café or restaurant to match your mood.

  • Enjoy drinks with full view of the sea.

The island of Milos does not have that many bars, but some of the greatest ones are in Adamas, manyin front of the sparkling sea.  Enjoy a calm spectacular sunset as you enjoy a locally inspired cocktail.

What to eat

  • Seafood

A visit to Adamas is not complete without a taste of freshly cooked Mediterranean style seafood such as a grilled octopus or stuffed squids. The grilled octopus is cooked with some olive oil and is served with a wedge of lemon to give you a dash of extra original Mediterranean taste.  You will definitely love it.

  • Greek-style pasta (Pastichio)

Greek-style pasta (Pastichio)

Treat yourself to a tasty local dish known as the Pastitsio or the Greek Lasagna, which is a creamy and cheesy baked pasta. While it is a pasta dish, this one is made from  traditional thick pasta,  like the Bucatini and not lasagne.

  • Cheese-filled peppers

I highly recommend that you try out this dish.  This traditional appetizer is made with hand-picked peppers and stuffed with feta cheese.  Don’t forget to order a glass of wine to give the meal that extra delightful taste.

  • Zucchini salad

Zucchini salad

Enjoy a Greek-style Zucchini salad from Adamas most popular restaurant the ‘Hanabi.’  This restaurant is known for its friendly service and delicious servings.  This salad is made with shredded Zuchinni whisked with pepper, crushed garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.



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